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a) Printeasy is your catalog printing-&-mailing best path.    You gain the advantage of our volume.   Every morning brings us daily JobStatus, so your work isn't going to fall off the train.

If the dollars you invest in your catalog printing and mailing are a  lot  less  than, say, L. L. Bean's  $60 million/year
and if you don't have a dozen in-house staffers to manage that printing, 
b) you're the one for whose catalog printing-&-mailing Printeasy can do the most good.


In catalog printing,
"pre-press and setup" are a big part of cost, and
"pre-press and setup" are a big part of quality, good-or-bad.

Organizing a print shop to do exactly that, to staff-&-schedule adequately for ad hoc pre-press,
setup, and turnaround, is one way catalog  printing is defined.
It's just not the same as printing the New York Times, where everything has been done before,
 just change the text-&-pix,  done,  finished, everything the same today as it was yesterday.

"Publication" printing,
and other classes of printing, simply don't happen that way.  Printing a newspaper, where everything has been done before   --    the same way    --  is a different strategic choice, a different strategic competence, a different kind of shop.

Commercial catalog printing from the Midwest
carries the extra benefit of a critical mass of skilled craftsman, and a critical mass of specialization
(the right hardware),  all the natural result of the fact that 80%  --    eighty percent   --   of all America's
(except newspapers) is produced in three Midwestern states,  Illinois,  Iowa, and  Wisconsin.